My Journey Journal

This is the journal of Princess. A little Boston Terrier Geo Puppy as she goes from place to place with different people. Follow her on her journey and maybe you'll have the pleasure of traveling with her!!

Saturday, July 17, 2004

My First Drop-Off

Picture it.....
Ocean City, MD at the Green Turtle.
Brandi, her mom Teri, and their friend Michele stopped off for lunch before heading home and I found out that this was the true beginning of my journey! Brandi carried me in her purse and I watched all the different people sitting and eating and I was wagging my tail giddily. I was finally taken to the bathroom of the restaurant where Brandi sadly left me for someone else to take me with them. People came and went....they picked me up, but put me back. Finally Brandi made a little sign for me that said "Take Me With You!!". Someone had to take me.....

Saturday, July 10, 2004

The Beginning

Newly adopted by Brandi I watched her work in the Pharmacy at Happy Harry's in Centreville, MD. She had so much to do and still had to get me ready for my big trip! You see, she was going to let me travel across the country and maybe even farther.....I hope I reach my destinations! She bought me some jewelry and a big pack that she altered a little for me to wear on my back. She got a little notebook and pen for the other people that I travel with to record some things about what we do together. I was so excited because I was going to Ocean City, MD!! My journey would begin from there and who knows where it might take me.....